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Thread: Great moments in my Kenpo history.....

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    Talking Great moments in my Kenpo history.....

    Okay I was thinking about this tonight and thought I would share it with everyone........

    A few weeks back something hillarious happened at our Kenpo club. As some of you know Brother John and I run a kenpo club/school in Wichita Kansas and we recently moved to a pretty cool building. It is a small studio space in the old Cowboy/Brothel area near the historical "Cowtown" in Wichita Kansas in the Delano district. (The older rough and tumble area back in the cowboy days)

    Well our building is VERY old and has a ton of historical significance and we are pretty lucky to have the studio space that we do upstairs. With all of that being said the building OCCASIONALLY *cough cough* needs some work. Well the store downstairs is owned by a very close friend of mine and managed by another (a bit of foreshadowing here).

    So after a saturday training session everyone changed, or was in the process of changing, just hanging out and chit chatting. Well I walked over to the restroom closed the door hehind me, changed into my blue jeans, headed back out to socialize when low and behold the door handle on my side FELL OFF. Yes that is correct FELL OFF. While a couple of the white belts stood outside the door and laughed at me I managed to convey to my daughter to run downstairs and get Dr. Warren (my buddy who owns the building) Who apparently made a huge announcement in front of everyone that "daddy is trapped in the bathroom!"

    Fortunately for me; Dave, who just happens to be the schools newest yellow belt by the way NO COINCIDENCE lol managed to free my from my short term inprisonment with a library card. This happened just seconds before about 4 grown men came rushing up the stairs camera in hand to save the moment for posterity. Luckily Dave had me free and out of the cage with enough time to avoid the papparatzi and make the area funny pages. LOL

    I was thinking of this tonight and had a good laugh and thought I would share it with everyone.

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    Default Re: Great moments in my Kenpo history.....

    ..and here I figure youd deny any knowledge of "Handlegate"
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    Default Re: Great moments in my Kenpo history.....

    Hilarious Bam Bam. Glad you did not BAM-the door down. Your daughter sounds like a great kid, and she "saved" daddy too!

    “The superior man cultivates a friendly harmony, without being weak.—How firm is he in his energy! He stands erect in the middle without inclining to either side.—How firm is he in his energy!”


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    Thumbs up Re: Great moments in my Kenpo history.....

    LOL! Great story, Hunter. I bet you're glad you had your jeans on when you were freed. Kudos to your daughter & Yay for Yellow Belts!!
    The truly educated never graduate.
    "To understand the heart & mind of a person, look not at what they have already achieved, but what they aspire to do." -Kahlil Gibran

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