How has studying Martial Arts/Kenpo impacted your life outside the dojo?

Before I seriously got into the arts, I was very impatient (still working on that actually, but ever improving) and undisciplined. In short, you could probably say I was a big jerk and be correct.

The main thing I attribute to Kenpo is self-discipline. When I was in high school ,way back when, I was a 'C' student at best. My current college GPA is 4.0 and I was recently invited to joint the Phi Theta Kappa International honor society. I really don't think I would even be in school (more like prison probably) if it hadn't been for the lessons learned from taking martial arts.

My sifu, Wade Wilbourn, was a major inspiration to me. I remember him rushing in to teach us straight from school while he was earning his Bachelors and also while he was getting his Masters.

..anyway, what about you?