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    Default belt requirements

    i have been taking tracy's kenpo for about 3 weeks .i have been told that i will have to learn 30 techniques and 2 katas to receive my first belt orange. how does this compare to other kenpo systems? my biggest obstacle so far is pivoting my base foot on wheel kicks. but thats what practise will cure. thanks ct111

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    Default Re: belt requirements

    I train in EPAK and to recieve my first belt which was yellow, I had to know 10 self defense techniques and Short Form 1. To get my orange belt I had to learn an additional 24 techniques and Long Form 1. So to recieve my orange belt I had to know 34 sd techniques, and 2 forms.

    It may seem like quite a bit of matieral, but it really isnt that much more, I just had an belt before that required less material. The yellow belt was designed to give students a short term goal. Don't be discouraged.

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    Default Re: belt requirements

    Hi ct111,
    American Kenpo
    Yellow Belt - list of basics, Short One, 10 techniques
    Orange Belt - different basics, Long One, 15 techniques
    Purple Belt (I'm not there yet) - more basics, Short Two, 15 Techniques
    Note: The basics include sparring maneuvers

    I think as we progress through each rank, we are required to understand the how, why and principals behind each Self Defense Technique as well as why we wouldn't do certain things.

    It's all too avanced for me, I just practice my basics, techniques and sparring (I've just started sparring, It's way Cool.... It's as cool as the ice packs I have to put on afterward!! ).
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    What have I learned from this???

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