Has anyone had any "funny" situations prior to learning a new technique where you could have used what you just learned?

Shortly after our wedding , my wife and I were walking in a narrow area between apartment buildings. We had known each other many years but I had never known of her fear of dogs. A large german shepard came at us. She screamed and jumped behind me , pinned my arms and screamed some more. I shouted for her to let go of me. Thankfully she did and I handeled the pooch.

The begining of captured twigs would have allowed me to get loose quicker. Well, it's been 22 years and we are still together. A while back she and a friend were chased by dogs while jogging, later a person who did'n't care for her political affiliation sicked a dog on her. Now she has a dog. Go figure. It wasn't funny at the time but it has caused me to smile many times since.

Anyone else?