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Thread: Muscle sequencing.....

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    Default Muscle sequencing.....

    Mr. Jacob on the test review talked about the sequence of mucles and how Mr. Mills used smaller muscles to initiate the bigger muscles into action. Then he talked about the sequencing of our muscles during movement. What points or notes do you guys have on muscle sequencing as it applies to our techniques and principals in the AKKI?

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    Default Re: Muscle sequencing.....

    One thing that comes to mind right away is the way we teach a beginner to execute the innward block. Beginning by the same side ear and then descending the elbow, then the hand toward the 45.
    Though this is NOT how we later end up doing an inward block, this sequence teaches something important to the beginner... to move from the core muscles of the body and progress from the core to the muscles on either side of each joint along the way to the weapon (fist). So going proximo-distal here, you initiate the motion with the muscles under the scapula (rhomboids, trapezious, latisimus-dorsi) and the anterior deltoid (next muscle in the progression), next contracting the triceps to extend the arm out and down, next we fire off the forearm flexors (which had been in stretch to initiate the plyometric explosion)....all of this culminating with the apex of the motion being a well projected inward block toward the opposite 45 degree angle and being timed with the movement of our feet to insure a good base to support the leverage of this action.
    I consider this a good 'teaching device' to get the student to learn:
    Proximo-distal muscle progression

    Using the "Stretch" to create the explosiveness that we enjoy so much

    proper angle of incidence
    which is related to aquiring a bracing angle

    timing upper and lower case action to support the projection of force

    But as we know, we later want to emphasize 'point of origin' / 'economy of motion' ....etc. and the execution of the block changes. Through altering the method of execution in the inward block we actually end up with more than just a "block" but with good lessons that can be applied to other blocks as well as strikes...etc.

    SO....where does this "Muscle Sequencing" occur in the curriculum?

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