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Thread: Mark S. Taylor Woodtrades Bo Staff

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    Default Mark S. Taylor Woodtrades Bo Staff

    For Christmas, my wife got me a bo staff. It was just a plain ordinary 6' bo staff. Nothing fancy. Over the preceeding year, I had learned the bo staff from for my Black Belt test. Mr. Hogan has quite a few bos in the studio that we could use to learn the form.

    I actually to the bo I received, and while at the studio, I would occassionally strike objects (a heavy bag, or BOB). When I planted the bo for the side kick, I would plant it on the ground with some force. My bo split. Oops.

    I dowelled the split, and ordered another bo, same style, from the same vendor.

    I began to look for additional bo staff material. I tripped across this web site.

    Mark S. Taylor Woodtrades makes some pretty fancy bo staffs. And they were pretty expensive too, comparitively. But, the more I looked at his work, the more intrigued I became. The way he laminates the wood, seemed interesting to me. I imagined a red and black bo staff - representing the black belt, and red stripe of my First Degree Belt.

    After a few email exchanges, I ordered a Wenge/Bloodwood bo staff. Wenge is more brown, than black. The only true 'black' wood is ebony, and that increase the cost of the weapon by a factor of four.

    I recieved my bo a bit over a month ago. I custom ordered it at 6'6" long ... slightly longer than the norm ... and 1 1/2" thick at the center, curving to 7/8" thick at the ends ... 1/4" thicker than the norm. (if there is a norm for these things). My bo weighs in at 3 pounds 7 ounces.

    It is awesome. Of course, I own it, I had it built, so you might say I am an unbiased observer.

    Images of this bo can be found at this Martial Talk post.

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    Default Re: Mark S. Taylor Woodtrades Bo Staff

    Give these guys a look. I only use thier product for my Aikido training. I highly recommend them.
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