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Thread: Al Dascasco's Biography: Legacy: Through the Eyes of a Warrior

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    Default Al Dascasco's Biography: Legacy: Through the Eyes of a Warrior

    I am about half way through the kindle version of the book ($6.99) and it is a very enjoyable book about the life of GM Al Dascasco's. Goes into a little bit about his training in Hawaii under Sid Anuscion (sp?) and joining Kajukenbo and then how branched off into the Tum Pai method of Kajukenbo under Sijo Emperado and then finally his own expression of Wun Hop Kuen Do.
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    Default Re: Al Dascasco's Biography: Legacy: Through the Eyes of a Warrior

    Thanks for the hint!

    That sounds like a book worth reading, especially as I wish to learn whatever I can about Tum Pai. There seems to be so little information publicly accessible.

    Talking about that, I guess I should actually start a thread on the topic...

    Also, I like the experimental attitude Al Dascasco is pursuing in his Wun Hop Kuen Do - always open to incorporating new ideas into the art. Pretty much what Ed Parker, Bruce Lee and some other outstanding creative martial artists did.

    I expect this to be an inspiring book.

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