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Thread: Lee Wedlake: Lessons with Ed Parker (book)

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    Default Lee Wedlake: Lessons with Ed Parker (book)

    Just thought I would put up a quick review about this book (kindle version)

    "Lessons with Ed Parker" by Lee Wedlake

    First, if you have Amazon Prime, you can "borrow" it for free.

    As to the book, it is a series of short recollections from Mr. Wedlake about his training and experiences with SGM Parker. It talks about many seminars that he attended and gave some insights as to what SGM Parker emphasized in them that he thought was important. It also relates personal stories that Mr. Wedlake had about his time with SGM Parker, both in training and social settings.

    On the negative side, I wish he would have gone into more detail when talking about concepts that SGM Parker was talking about during the seminars or during the notes that he took in his conversations with SGM Parker. BUT, this is also good because I think that a student reading this book can get the "seed" of these ideas and then go to their own instructor to start to explore the ideas further and make it their own.

    One of the most interesting topics, to me, was SGM Parker's knife works and concepts.
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