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Thread: The Coaches Eye android app

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    Default The Coaches Eye android app

    One of my friends was one of the designers of this phone app, so I thought I would put in a plug for it. It is called "Coache's Eye" and allows you to video from your smart phone and then play back the video frame by frame, it also has illustrative tools to "draw" on the video to help coach from the clip. It is a great tool for an instructor to be able to go frame by frame and show someone their motion and give feedback that they can see to make the changes needed. (there are also sample videos there demonstrating the app)

    It is also a very low cost at $4.99
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    Default Re: The Coaches Eye android app

    I use it all the time for self evaluation when I'm not at the DOJO. I ditto your endorsement.

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    Default Re: The Coaches Eye android app

    I've been using it since September, both for Kenpo and to analyze my daughter's volleyball serve. Mostly the second one actually. Maybe one day she will be interested in my findings...
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    Default Re: The Coaches Eye android app

    Now that looks useful.

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    Default Re: The Coaches Eye android app

    We have been using it in SL-4. It is available as an iPhone Ap as well.
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