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Thread: Requests for additional lineage forums, and forum organization....

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    Default Re: Requests for additional lineage forums, and forum organization....

    Quote Originally Posted by ikenpo

    Any thought on putting their website links in the same area that has their names so it will be a quick click reference...

    Here's is an example that I've seen that was pretty cool (under the Knifemakers area at, in case you have to join the forum to view it...)

    I'll talk to Bob about it.
    Just because you do something one way, does not mean that everyone else does it that way, or that it is even the correct way.

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    Default Re: Requests for additional lineage forums, and forum organization....

    Quote Originally Posted by The Kai View Post
    How about a lineage on Gm Castro (Shaolin Kenpo) or GM almeny??

    I can give a decent lineage description on GGM Castro. He was a direct student of Professor William KS Chow. He began training under him around 1955. At the time, SGM Parker was also a student of Professor Chow. GGM Castro moved to the mainland (San Francisco) in 1958 and continued to train (although no longer with his teacher). At this point he began to develop his own style of Kenpo (he called it Kenpo Karate at this point). His feeling was that the techniques as taught by Professor Chow required almost constant training. He had trained 7 days per week with Professor Chow but understood that the average American would not be able to remember all of the techniques. GGM Castro developed the techniques into forms called Dances. These dances are a series of self defense techniques organized into a form (SGM Parker did the same thing although he also continued to teach self defense techniques by themselves).

    GGM Castro and SGM Parker were good friends, and SGM Parker showed GGM Castro the business side of opening a Karate Studio. SGM Parker also awarded GGM Castro a black belt in recognition of his accomplishments in Kenpo and to form an affiliation between the styles. However, GGM Castro did not study and does not teach American Kenpo.

    GGM Castro opened his first karate studio in Daly City, CA (still there) back in the early 1960's. GGM Castro did not see Professor Chow again until the 1970's, but at that point, Professor Chow gave GGM Castro his Grandmastership. In 1981, after visiting the Professor, GGM Castro changed the name of his system and officially began Shaolin Kenpo.

    When Professor Chow was 67, he retired and came to live with the Castro's in San Francisco and serve as an advisor to GGM Castro's school. At this point, he promoted GGM Castro to 9th degree. GGM Castro stayed at that rank until Professor Chow passed away in 1987 at which point GGM Castro became the head of his system (he really always was the head of Shaolin Kenpo, but he credits Professor Chow as the original Grandmaster of Shaolin Kenpo) and promoted himself to 10th degree.

    As everyone knows, at this level, your rank doesn't mean anything and is just used to give distance between the ranking members of the system. I am not sure what rank GGM Castro currently uses, but he was signing Black Belt certificates as a 13th degree in the year 2000.

    My teacher was GGM Castro's senior instructor (Senior Professor Genaro Jose) and was the 2nd highest black belt in Shaolin Kenpo until his death (his son GM Rob Castro was always the 1st).

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