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Thread: Who is "Bob Hubbard"?

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    Default Who is "Bob Hubbard"?

    Recently, the topic of 'who' I am has come up. I thought I'd put an intro up years ago, but in looking for it, I can't find it.

    So, to answer the question of just who I am, here's a little background.

    Martial Art Background?
    I spent approximately 6 months training in kenpo in Alden NY under Robert Koch at the International Black Belt Academy. I switched my focus to Modern Arnis under Datu Tim Hartman in West Seneca NY and have trained primarily in the FMA since then with Modern Arnis, Presas Arnis and Balintawak being at the forefront. I have had private lessons in EPAK from both Jeff Blay and Ingmar Johansson on a few occasions. In addition I have some limited experience in Tai Chi, Wing Chun and JKD.

    I have dabbled (ie worked with) numerous other arts including several Japanese and Chinese sword arts, ninjutsu / taijutsu, several grappling styles such as sambo and bjj, several different Filipino styles including Kombatan and Sikaran, and Systema.

    MartialArts Contributions:
    - I founded in 2001, and in 2004. Both sites missions are to be historical archives of the arts, as well as growing communities to put martial arts enthusiasts in contact with each other.
    - I operate WNYMartialArts, a local portal site for the WNY martial arts community. I also consult with a dozen local schools concerning their internet presence and web site needs.
    - I am currently in the process of a 30+ site expansion project for the 'Talk communities.
    - I host the Martialpedia, a dedicated martial arts dictionary and encyclopedia that is member edited and maintained, similar to Wikipedia.
    - I currently host, maintain or otherwise assist over 40 martial arts websites for schools, organizations and individuals through my hosting and design business.
    - I am a published martial arts writer and photographer.
    - For 1 year I wrote for, edited, and published MartialTalk Magazine.

    Other stuff:
    - I own and operate a successful web hosting and design company.
    - I have recently begun a portrait and event photography business.
    - I have some experience in art, primarily computer aided in the Japanese Anime style that has been well received.
    - I also have a comedy album out.
    - I operate a small general discussion forum, with topics covering sci fi, anime, world events, pro wrestling and more.

    My current focus is continuing to maintain and expand my contributions to the martial arts community, while slowly developing an introductory theatrical fighting concepts program targeted towards the fan-film industry, as well as continuing my studies into ancient weapons of the Romans, Greeks and Egyptians.

    More info is available at my various websites, and at my outdated Martialpedia entry.

    Hope this helped folks know who the "big cheese" as someone said is here.

    For ANY and ALL KenpoTalk issues, please use theContact Us link here or at page bottom right. Do NOT PM me for site support.

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