Suggestions for getting better response to event notices on forums:

1: Don't just pop in, post your flier and leave. Be an active member.

2: Link to your most recent event in your signature. The more active you are here, the more exposure you will get in a forum-friendly way.

3: Don't just post a flier. Post about the people who will be there, their histories, what they will be covering, and if you've seen them before.

4: Don't just post a location, give some travel directions, mention lodging and tourist information. Some of us would love to go, but the family comes first. Give the non-martial arts members something to do, and you may see higher turn outs.

5: Come back after the event and post a write up on what went on.

6: Sell your event by building interest so that newbies and long timers look forward to it, and regret not going if they miss it.

7: Don't just "bump" the notice, revive and expand on it, add new information, or share some stories about past camps (if it's a regular event).

The key in event promotion is to get people talking, reading and excited. Simply posting a flier rarely does that, as it is rapidly lost in the shuffle amongst dozens of other notices.