I've had a few questions on where the "right" place to post is, given our unique layout. To try and minimize clutter, or confusion on what is and is not an ad, I've tried to clarify the organization a bit here. Any questions, please ask.


Some examples, clarifications, etc:


Q - I'm under Mr. "X". Where do I post my question on "Insert Technique Here"?
A - You can ask general questions in the General forum. If you are looking for a lineage specific answer (IE How Mr. Planas does Long 4), that should go under the specific lineage of interest. Please note that the "Correct" way will possibly differ based on where you ask the question. In Mr. Planas' forum, his way is correct. In Mr. Tatums forum, it is his way that is correct, etc.

Q - I'm not really under anyone. Where can I post?
A - General is always a good bet. For specifics, you can also post under the specific lineage forums.


Q - Mr. "X" has just released a new dvd. Where should I post about it?

A - If you are announcing a new product, please post in the "Kenpo News" forum.
A - If you are looking for a review of a product, please post in the "Product Reviews" forum.
A - If you are reviewing a product, please post in the "Product Reviews" forum.
A - If you are the publisher/seller/creator of the product, you have 2 options.
1 - Contact us for advertising rates - OR -
2 - Post a "Product Announcement" or "Press Release" in the "Kenpo News" forum.


Q - Mr. "X" is doing a seminar at my school. Where should I post about it?
Q - Where should I post camp/seminar announcements?

A - We have several ways for you to spread the word about training and fellowship oportunities. In order to cut down on clutter, cross posting and confusion, while ensuring as many people as posible can easily find the event information please:
DO - Post it on the Calendar
DO - Post it in the "Events" forum
DO NOT - Post under the Lineages, or General forums

Q - I was at a seminar by Mr. "X" and want to tell everyone how it went. Where do I do that?
A - Seminar, Event, and Camp writeups, reviews and related should go under the lineage in question. For example: A Zach Whitson seminar would for example fall under the Parker-Planas forum, while a Dennis Conatser seminar would fall under Parker-LaBounty.
A - You may also discuss each event under it's announcement in the "Event" forum.


Q - I'm opening a school, where should that be posted?

A - School openings and closings should be posted under the "News" forum.