There has been a small amount of confusion in regards to why our members profiles show their rank as a "white" belt, when for many it has been several years since they last wore one.

Our user profiles "rank" system is based on the number of posts you make/respond to. The more you participate, the higher your rank. We encourage you to list your martial arts experience in your profile, and if you like, also in your signature (accessed through the User CP button at the top of the screen.

For clarity, here are the ranks and their required post counts:

We hope this clears up any confusion.

No Belt 0

White Belt 1

Adv. White Belt 25

Yellow Belt 50

Adv. Yellow Belt 75

Orange Belt 100

Adv. Orange Belt 150

Purple Belt 200

Adv. Purple Belt 250

Blue Belt 300

Adv. Blue Belt 400

Green Belt 500

Adv. Green Belt 600

3rd. Brown Belt 700

2nd. Brown Belt 750

1st. Brown Belt 800

Black Belt 1000

2nd. Black 2000

3rd. Black Belt 3000

4th Black Belt 4000

5th. Black Belt Associate Professor 5000

6th. Black Belt Professor 6000

7th. Black Belt Senior Professor 7000

8th. Black Belt Associate Master 8000

9th. Black Belt Master 9000

10th. Black Belt Senior Master of the Art 10000

*Please note:
- There is no "Grandmaster" rank.
- This list is currently being reexamined and may change in the near future.