I've gotten a few inquiries about an email that's being sent out. It's quoted below. Heres a few Q&A's on it.

Q- Is it legit?
A- Yes.

Q- I never Ordered a Supporting Membership. What gives?
A- Back around November 25th 2005, we gave a number of these away as a thank you to our members. In addition, we gave everyone who helped us launch and contributed content to the non-forum sections a 1 year Supporting Membership Back in Feb/March 05 as well.

Q- So, what do I do about it?
A- If you've enjoyed the extra features, and wish to help support KenpoTalk, we would gratefully appreciate the small contribution. If for whatever reason you are unable to do so, rest assured that you are still welcome here. You will lose access to the Supporting Member only features, but will still be able to post and reply to discussions.

Q- How do I Renew / Extend my membership?
A- Goto http://www.kenpotalk.com/forum/payments.php

Thank you.

Subject: Paid Subscription Expiry Notice

Dear xxxxxx,

Your access to the paid subscription "KenpoTalk Supporting Membership" is about to expire.

If you have selected a recurring subscription you will be automatically billed for the renewal, else to renew this subscription you must visit http://www.kenpotalk.com/forum/payments.php

If you do not extend your subscription, access will be removed.

All the best,
KenpoTalk Forums