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Thread: Why

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Broad View Post
    With all the styles of martial arts out there what made you chose Kenpo. And with all the Kenpo branches out there what made you chose the Tracy system.
    well i was 10 at the time,1965 and one day as i was coming home from school this bully beat me up and put me in a trash can, i came home with my new shirt ripped, anyway i got it bad from my father (not grandfather) ,so the next day i saw this boy across the street standing on his lawn doing something with his hands, turned out to be "star block", i went over to talk to him, i asked him what it was that he was doing, he told me kenpo, my grandmother took me to the school, the only one in my town and it was "tracy kenpo"
    anyway thats, that and i'm still in love with my mother art kenpo

    ps later on i jumped over to Parker kenpo (thats what it was called back then)
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    My dad got me in the martial arts when I was 8, I'm 29 now.I started Korean TKD under a korean for a couple of months. He moved back to south korea. I then started training in TKD again for about 13 years. I helped teach the kids group classes a couple of times a week. The school I was with moved far away and I couldn't continue. There was a guy in high school. I wasn't that good of a friend with him but I knew he was in karate. He had on a tracy's t-shirt on. The one with the plain t and dragon logo. He told me about his dad taught him one on one out of there house. So I went over there and started taking classes. About 7 years later I got my shodan. I really learned much faster in private lessons than group classes. My hands got very fast when I started training in Tracy's.

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