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Thread: Tracy's Kenpo Training manuals

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    Default Tracy's Kenpo Training manuals

    Does anyone have Gm Tracy's written manuals. I was curious as to what was in them? I would think that they breakdown all the techniques by motion. But does it cover the history of the techniques and the principles of use? Does it cover the family techniques and flow drills etc........ Nubreed
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    Default Re: Tracy's Kenpo Training manuals

    The quick reference manual is a single book with a brief description of all techniques from yellow to 1st black. Its a great teaching aid. A practitioner must already know the techniques.

    The reference manuals are for each belt, i.e. one book per belt and are much more in depth. A student, if knowledgable enough, can actually teach himself some of the techniques through studying one of these manuals.

    The photo manuals have written descriptions that are supported with pictures. Again, one book per belt. There are some short stories about history/events/incidents included in some of the manuals that really help illustrate the technique.

    All in all, they are great teaching aids and really help support the transferrence of knowledge.


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    Default Re: Tracy's Kenpo Training manuals

    Has anyone ever purchased the technique picture manuals for each belt from Tracy's? Are they worth the money ($40/belt)?
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    Default Re: Tracy's Kenpo Training manuals

    I have them all. They are worth it if that type of media is how you learn. There are also quick reference DVDs available of the entire system, Y-5Bk.

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