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    Default Introductory Course

    Do you folks offer an introductory course? If memory serves me right it was somewhat popular in Tracy Schools of the 70's -80's. What are the advantages of such a course for the student, for the teacher? What are the disadvantages?

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    Default Re: Introductory Course

    This truly a loaded question with no clear cut answers.

    For the student the advantages are they get to try classes for a set period at a reduced rate. There really aren't any disadvantages for the student.

    For the instructor the advantage is you get another body onto the floor to see what you offer. It is from here that things get complicated. If you offer the introductory course in your group classes you can have the newbie work with your other white belts, if you have any. If not you or one of your students is gonna have to spend extra time with that person, thus robing other students of your time. If you do the intro-course in private lessons, you are severely discounting them the costs. If you do them as set out in the Tracy Business manual, then you have one of your students teach them if possible, but that doesn't always work if you are a small school.

    Personally I do an introductory offer of 2 Months and Uniform for $99.00. The student can attend the 2 90 minute group classes, and by the end of the 2 months the student is usually ready to test for yellow belt. I don't like to do private lessons with beginners I want them to get used to doing their techniques on a variety of sizes of people right form the beginning
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    Default Re: Introductory Course

    I give 4 intro private/semi private lessons.

    During this time I teach them Star Block at class one, and work it over and over against stikes. They leave the 1st class being able to use this.

    Class 2, I teach Delayed Sword and some basic foot work,this offers them a real tech for defense, and starts them with the basic frame work for classes.

    Class 3, I have them work with someone from class, this starts the student to student relationship.

    Class 4, I insert them into a class, to work with the other students. We focus on Delayed Sword for that class.

    Note: Class 4 is when I sell the program. I will do a lot of demo's and the last part of the class we will run tech lines.
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