To all SilverStar Clients:
Over the last few days we've been tracking a performance issue with our server "Gondor" which was resulting in brief web service outages and high server load. Late last night the situation became critical resulting in us having to perform several emergency reboots in order to keep the server running. We brought in additional system engineers who assisted us in finding the problem and putting additional preventive measures in place. The initial problem has been traced to a buggy script running on one website, and has since been resolved by disabling the script.

While we were working on this situation, our data center experienced a 30 minute outage with one of their routers which resulted in a complete loss of access at approximately 11:20AM ET.

Both problems are now believed to be solved, and we will be monitoring the server carefully for the next few days to ensure smooth operation.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience these combined issues have caused.

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Bob Hubbard, President
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