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Thread: Site Upgrades 1-26-2006

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    Default Site Upgrades 1-26-2006

    I'm pleased to announce the opening of our technique reference library.

    After countless hours of work, we now have a walk through of almost every Parker Kenpo technique in our reference library, thanks to Rob Broad.
    Parkers Kenpo Technique Listing - 24 Technique Curriculum
    We will be trying to assemble comparable listings for the 16 and 32 technique systems as well.

    Future plans include Tracy, and other Ken/mpo systems techniques and forms as well.

    Additionally, the School Ownership and Business section has been updated with several articles to aid you in your business. Right now, it's a little sparse, but we will be gradually building it as articles come in, and we find other good ones elsewhere.

    More good stuff is on the way!
    For ANY and ALL KenpoTalk issues, please use theContact Us link here or at page bottom right. Do NOT PM me for site support.

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    Default Re: Site Upgrades 1-26-2006

    *standing ovation*

    GO ROB!!!

    You are awesome...
    "Second chances they don't never matter, people never change
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    (*this is where a punch would be landed)

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    Thumbs up Re: Site Upgrades 1-26-2006

    Cool--thanks Bob & Rob!
    The truly educated never graduate.
    "To understand the heart & mind of a person, look not at what they have already achieved, but what they aspire to do." -Kahlil Gibran

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