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Thread: The Meeting with Doc.

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    The interest started when I fell into the website Sub-Level Four Kenpo. I started to read this information, and ponderd where this material came from. My fancy was taken about with some of the material. I began to contact the Martial Science University, and inquire about the course. Thru back, and forward emails. I was indulged with a course manuel that answered most quesitons, but not all. I wanted to take it a step further, so I contacted Doc about coming out in Sept. It was confirmed, and everything was set in motion. When reaching LA, I was nervious, and tired of hearing my girl friends mouth.
    I met Doc in a Subway Resturant, for the arranged meeting. It was kinda odd, but I did not care for simple fact I was learning Sub-Level 4 concepts. Subway, and Doc would change my life for the better. While discussing concepts, I was in amazement of how he showed the recruitment of muscles with simple movements. This may sound like nothing at first, but as I learned when watching his students, it makes all the difference in the world. And then I was shown how putting the body in certin positions opened up pressure points for striking. By this time I was TKO'ed by Doc. The strike was so soft I could not belive it. No let me tell you I do not have a weak jaw. I have been in numerous fights, in and around Atlanta, GA. From this point I was sold.
    After this I trained with Doc, and his students. His most respected one was Drill Sgt. Fedale Castro . He got me in tip, top shape while out there. While Doc, corrected the movements. This is one of the things I like the most, every student recieved the same attention, no matter what ranking.
    People let me tell you, visiting Doc is like martial arts heaven. His students went hard in practice, the techniques used where not sloopy. But antomicaly sound, green belts looked like black belts, and the black belts looked high ranking black belts. It made me want to leave my home, and stay. One day before Doc even showed up, his green belts went thru all techniques up to there level. And it was at game speed! If you are really interested in learning a real martial art, and attaining somthing more than just a rank! I would advise you to see Doc. Not only is he good at the arts, he kept my girl friend of my back most of the time. All jokes aside, he is a great man, who only wants to teach. Doc I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart, may you live long, and prosper.


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    Default Re: The Meeting with Doc.

    Sounds like you had a great time, not surprising really as I and many others keep on saying don't just listen to what's said or what is whispered go visit the Man, talk to him train with him and even eat with him. You will enjoy it all.


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    Default Re: The Meeting with Doc.

    Being an old advocate of Doc, myself, I can sure see that you enjoyed your visit. Even at a long distance the man, the myth, and the material are awesome.

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    Default Re: The Meeting with Doc.

    My personal exp. with him have been equally enjoyable. He is a real person, a great friend, and a phenomenal teacher.

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