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Thread: MSU/SL4 Websites

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    Default MSU/SL4 Websites

    Just curious, but where are they? The placemat for says that the domain expired on 3/24 (I followed the links from Doc's forum signature - in the mood for some reading that'll make me feel like a sub-white belt and leave my thirsty for knowledge! ).
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    Default Re: MSU/SL4 Websites

    Not sure what the des is with the websites, but in this SL-4 subforum you'll see a library with articles written by Doc .
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    Default Re: MSU/SL4 Websites

    We have started on rebuilding those sites. for the most part it will be a members-only "moodle" site. but also I am wrapping that in a content mgmt system so that Doc and whomever he appoints will be able to also provide public information and content not formatted as "lessons". Doc could have a blog for example...
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    Default Re: MSU/SL4 Websites

    New websites will be:
    Martial Science University should be operational by end of October.
    And an online learning platform coming in 2016 address TBD
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