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    hi, fellow kenpoist i would like to know about adding (sr.g.m.david german) lineage on the senior list also, i been talking to (master german) alot on the phone lately. because my master bill parks who study directly under (sr. g. m. german) who was one the original student at the pasadena studio and the ceator of form 4 because master german told me this last week over the the phone. i have talk to the tracy brothers too in the past about the the senior lists from the late 50,s-thought the 60,s.. because there are a lot old black belts and new black belts that fall under(sr.g.m. german) family tree in t.a.i.karate(which is chinese karate). master german is not on the original parker family tree which came in volume 2 book. if any one like to chech out (sr.g.m. german) website and his tai family tree black belts,you will find my names on the list as well. thank you bernard(scorpio) strickland: my rank is fifth degree black belt (

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    Default Re: parker lineage

    In order for a lineage forum to be created there has to be call for it from several memebers and there has the be assurance that it the new forum will be used.
    Quality outweighs quantity every time.

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