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Thread: Mr. Planas Current status?

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    Default Mr. Planas Current status?

    Mr. Curiosity here. I wasn't sure where to post this. It looks like there is a fairly recent photo of Mr. Planas in the photo gallery. He is wearing a white gi top, plain black belt and he is looking at Ms. Cogliandro who seems like she is at the end of Tripping Arrow.

    Mr. Planas appears to be wearing an AKKS patch. Is he in the AKKS? Is this right? Does anyone know? I'm curious because I've only ever seen him with an IKKA patch. I am not in his lineage and I don't see him annually in seminars or anything so I know this may be old news, but please fill me in via post or pm as you see fit.

    I'm anticipating getting to another Mr. Planas seminar prior to my next test for whatever that's worth. I'll try to catch him in the Spring but doesn't have 2006 events up yet.

    And by the way, why does he have 2 websites? and parkerplanaslineage?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Mr. Planas Current status?

    I think parkerplanaslineage is a site maintained by Josh Ryer in Pittsburgh. Last I checked it had Mr. Planas' '06 schedule posted.

    My guess is that the photo is an old photo. Although, I don't recall the patches Mr. Planas was wearing during our last private, I think there was the 'flame patch', 'The Planas Patch', and perhaps 'The Parker Patch'.

    Mr. Planas had cancelled a scheduled stop at Ms. Cogliandro's Revere studio last year, and has not rescheduled in Revere. I do not know why.

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    Default Re: Mr. Planas Current status?

    The pictures here at KT are from Jeff Blay's JK Kenpo camp 2002.
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    Default Re: Mr. Planas Current status?

    I was at Jeff Blay's camp theyear before that. He throws great camps.
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