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Thread: Ohana Kenpo Web Site

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    Default Ohana Kenpo Web Site

    In Hawaiian, Ohana means Family.

    Ohana Kenpo means Family Kenpo, or Kenpo Family. is a new web site that is a family of schools who teach the Ed Parker System of Kenpo.

    The purpose of this site is to offer a web presence to everyone who teaches Ed Parker's Kenpo and especially to those who have no web site of their own.

    There is no charge for having a page on, but before anyone submits an application for a page, it would be a good idea to look over the web site and see if they agree with its content.

    In the future I will be listing various curriculums (16, 24, 32) and examples of Kenpo techniques, sets, forms, etc., but I will not suggest any one curriculum is better than another.

    As is the case in any family, the schools on this site will differ to lesser and greater degrees. No two schools will necessarily teach the same curriculum or have the same standard for achieving rank. But, everyone should have an opportunity to teach and we can only teach what we know and believe in. With this comes experience, with experience comes a greater understanding of what Kenpo really is.

    If you would like to have a page on, simply go to the site and submit your school and instructor information for consideration.

    Your brother in Kenpo,
    Rich Hale

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    Default Re: Ohana Kenpo Web Site

    That is one top notch looking website! Kudos to you!
    "Fall seven times, stand up eight." Japanese proverb

    "I've seen some cats do some crazy stuff like bending swords with their necks and breaking flaming bricks... thats great and all but can they fight?" *shrugs* Moses Powell

    -Hank Colado

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    Default Re: Ohana Kenpo Web Site

    Mr. Hale,

    I found your website to be informative, easy to read and it has a great design format. I enjoyed the non-busy nature of the format and your choice of lay out.

    Great job.

    BTW, I ordered your Kenpo Journal !

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    Default Re: Ohana Kenpo Web Site

    Great Site!

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