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    Default Kenpo Terminolgy

    Kenpo Terminolgy Here is some of the terminology requested by non-kenpo practioners to understand what the AK people are talking about.

    Sword = Handsword
    Mace = Fist
    Storm = Club
    Twig = Arm
    Feathers = Hair
    Branch = Leg
    Salute = Heelpalm, push
    Wing = Elbow
    Gift = Handshake
    Prong = Thumb
    Talon = Wrist Grab
    Pendulum = Downward motion Block
    Ram = Tackle
    Leaves = Fingers
    Peaches = Testicles
    Crane = one leg stance
    Hoof = foot
    Lance = Knife
    Rod = Gun
    Death=neck attack
    Darkness/Dark= attack from an obscure zone/moving to obscure zone
    Twins=two handed attack-offensive/defensive
    Clouds=overlapping circles
    Fan=inward/outward parry
    Horizon=the ground
    Compulsion=irrestable force

    I hope this makes things easy for everybody. I will add more as they come up.

    (Originally posted on MartialTalk by Rob Broad) [link]

    (Originally posted in same thread by user "Mike")
    From Bill Martino's Kenpo Zone:
    Code Words In Technique Names

    Branch- attack using a kick
    Circles- the dominant feature of the defense is circular motions
    Cross- your defense involves crossing of his (3) or your (2) arms
    Danger- you are grounded as part of the attack
    Darkness- an attack from behind (3), or a defense behind him (1)
    Death- usually an attack involving a choke (4), or a stomping defense (2)
    Destruction- a left-handed attack
    Doom- an attack involving a kick
    Falcon- both hands initially work in the high zone
    Fans - initial move uses a fanning action with both hands
    Feathers- hair
    Gift- attack involving a handshake
    Hammer- the primary feature of your defense is hammerfists
    Kimono- attack using a lapel grab
    Lance - attack using a knife
    Leaves - fingers
    Mace - fist (either attacking, or as part of the response)
    Obscure- your initial strike is to one of your obscure zones
    Peach- groin
    Pendulum- downward block, usually in defense against a kick
    Prongs- thumbs
    Rain- descending attack or defense
    Ram- usually a tackle (3), but may be a fist (2) or banged heads (1)
    Rod-attack using a pistol
    Sacrifice- involves grabbing his legs (2) or body (1)
    Salute- defense that uses an upward heelpalm strike
    Snakes - two people 'snaking around' (2), or wrapping your arms about theirs (1)
    Storm- attack using a club or stick
    Sword-defense that uses chops (i.e., sword hands)
    Twigs- arms or hands
    Wing - either a seized arm, or a defense that relies heavily on your arm

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