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    This thread was inspired by Rob Broad's topic of defined kenpo types.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Broad

    Iron Worker = Strong in Physical Training

    Watch Maker = Strong in Technical Training

    Philosopher = Strong in Philosophical Training
    When teaching what do you try to emphasize the most to your students? Do you feel that the order of types should change with a person's ability (not necessarily rank)? Do you let your students decide the order of importance?

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    Default Re: Teaching...

    We always stress technique and principles. Body type and ability will determine which is to be focused on.

    Some of the bigger guys can 'get away' with poor technique. If they still have trouble after a few more demos. I ukei for them and resist a little. At the opposite end, if someone is moving to easily for a smaller person, we make them resist until the student can feel how the technique is supposed to.

    We do discuss the philosophical side but encourage the students explore on their own as well.

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