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Thread: pumped after last night’s class

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    Default pumped after last night’s class

    Well I am a little pumped after last night’s class. My instructor changed things up from the norm he had us make a tech line nothing unusual there. Then he said ok today I am not going to call out a technique name I will just call out an attack. I was thinking that’s cool as I have a hard time remembering what name is what attack. But I am pretty good at just doing the “what I though was the right tech” against what ever the attacker throws at me. Well then my instructor said but here is where we are going to throw a curve ball. I don’t want you to do your normal tech against the attack, try and see what other tech you have learned up to this point that you can do against the given attack. Or even start out with one tech like 5 swords then graft it into delayed sword. At first it was awkward but after a few min of what I called adlibbing I was able to put together all kinds of partial techs and make a 15 hit super tech. It was like a light come on in my head and I finally had my eyes opened to the potential of what I am learning. It was just like Mr. Parker wrote in his books “The Infinite insights of Kenpo” about learning letters, then taking the letters and making words then stringing words together to make sentences. Now am eager to learn to make paragraphs and then books.
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    Default Re: pumped after last night’s class

    Cool. Those breakthru classes are great.
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    Default Re: pumped after last night’s class

    Improv's are the best thing to test your ability to know what is open and how to get to it. I love improv's.
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