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Thread: Sean Kelley's Florida Camp

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    Default Sean Kelley's Florida Camp

    I wish to give out a big THANK YOU! to Sean Kelley, his staff, and students for the great weekend of wonderful Kenpo. Mr. Kelley brought together many old friends who have not seen each other in years, to teach, talk, laugh(lots of that) and ultimately realize that we're all headed in the right direction. It may be our version of the right direction, but it appears to be forward thinking, combined with the interest of the practitioner new and old, in accomplishing whatever goals they wish to acheive.
    I flew through Dallas, and when I got onto the planeto West Palm Beach, I see this face of someone familiar carrying a portable DVD player. I asked him is he was going to watch Larry Tatum videos, to which he turned around with this "not another smart a**". He was partially right, but Larry Tatum and I had a three hour long conversation that was apolitical, funny, personal and made the trip go by what seemed to be minutes.
    I had not seen Rick Fowler in 30 years and was happy to see him so healthy(not that he hadn't been) happy and energetic. Mike Pick and I haven't been in the same room for twenty years and it's comforting to know that I'm not the only one who is feeling the old wounds, but is more passionate to get the info out.
    Along with Frank Trejo, who still has done the best Long 4 in competition in my estimation, Rainer Schulte, my old friend and Senior Dave Hebler, and of course Edmund Parker, who looks more relaxed and happy than I've seen in many a year. His new Kenpo Kards look amazing, but he had to give me the companion book so I could begin to make use of them(no, I'm not paid to give this endorsement!).
    Thank you so much Sean Kelley, for the hospitality, generosity and friendship that you showed to all of us, and for bringing together Kenpoists from all over to participate and experience the thinking of other teachers. The Seniors need to do this on occasion to "clear the air" and go home with the energy that I feel.
    To all those I cannot mention that were kind to me personally, may your martial journey be a smooth one...but not too smooth!
    In spirit,
    S. LaBounty
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    Default Re: Sean Kelley's Florida Camp

    It sounds like you had a wonderful time, sir! Thank you for sharing it with us here at KT!
    Susan A. Spann

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    Default Re: Sean Kelley's Florida Camp

    Thank you for sharing Sir. Sounds like it was an awesome event.
    Quality outweighs quantity every time.

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    Default Re: Sean Kelley's Florida Camp

    Sir, the camp sounds like it was terrific. I do hope more of the students that were able to attend have the chance to post of their experiences in the seminars. Had this camp been one week later, Pete and I would have so been there! I do hope we get a chance to attend the next camp Mr. Kelley hosts.

    Sigung, I look forward to meeting you at the WKKA Camp in Baltimore later this year. It will be a real treat!


    Donna (Landini)

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