Lee Wedlake Bio Martial Arts History

Mr. Wedlake began his martial arts training Judo in 1967 at the Shindo Kan school in Chicago, IL. where he achieved the rank of Brown belt. In November 1972 he initiated study of Chinese Kenpo at a school in Evergreen Park, IL. He achieved the rank Brown belt before he left.

He was later promoted to first degree Black belt on June 2, 1975 by Michael John Sanders, 5th Dan, Kenpo of Sterling, IL., who also promoted him to 2nd Degree Black. After Sanders’ death in July 1979, Mr. Wedlake began studying with Edmund K. Parker, “The Father of American Karate,” at Pasadena, CA. in November 1979. He was trained by both Parker and Frank Trejo for two years and promoted to third degree in 1981.

In 1982 he was introduced to Richard “HUK” Planas at the International Karate Championships and studied concurrently with Planas and Parker. Parker, Trejo, Planas and Joe Palanzo promoted him in September 1986 to Fifth degree. His sixth degree was awarded by Ed Parker on November 19, 1990, approximately one month before Parker’s passing. Frank Trejo and HUK Planas promoted him to 7th degree on June 27, 1993. Then in October 1998 during the annual Kenpo Camp in Ft. Myers, HUK promoted Mr. Wedlake to 8th degree.

Lee Wedlake Today:

Mr. Wedlake runs his martial arts studio in Florida and has an extensive teaching and seminar schedule all over the world. Some time ago he was promoted to 9th black that was recognized by many notable and senior Parker Kenpo seniors.



Author’s Note:

I began my training with Mr. Wedlake in 1981 at his Dragon Wind school in Il. Mr. Wedlake is a true technician. When the man moved, it was with grace, speed and devastation.This is also an updated version of a previous bio

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