Stephen LaBounty Bio
By Zoran Sevic

adapted from the KenpoNet
Martial History:
Sigung Stephen LaBounty began his martial arts journey in 1958 at a local Judo school in Forth Worth, Texas under the instruction of Sam Namajura. In 1961, after earning his brown belt, Mr. LaBounty traveled to San Francisco for work and began looking for a Judo school in which to continue his training. In the phone book, he found three karate schools and figured they could point him the correct direction. Instead, Mr. LaBounty watched the class at the Ocean Ave. Tracy Kenpo school and became hooked on Kenpo from the beginning.

He began his beginner training under Mr. Steve Fox and moved through the ranks rather quickly and began to teach the beginner classes at the Ocean Ave. location. He soon after helped the Tracy brothers teach at their new San Jose location, a school which gave start to many: Mr. Tom Connor, Mr. Harvey Clary, and Mr. John Sepulveda.

Having already received his Black Belt under Al and Jim Tracy, reportedly being only their 3rd, it was around 1966 that he continued his Martial Arts journey under Edmund Parker. Since that time he has been a strong advocate of Ed Parker’s Kenpo. He was one of 12, to receive a 7th Degree Black Belt in Ed Parker’s American Kenpo.

Mr. LaBounty also competed in the tournament circuit. He won three heavyweight championships and had a couple of third place finishes at the International Karate Championships; and two third places, a second place, and a first place at the California state championships. Also, he was one of the founding members of the American Kenpo Senior Council.

Sigung LaBounty today:

In addition to the martial arts, Mr. LaBounty has also taken an interest in acupressure and shiatsu to aid in developing his yin side. He has also made his own medicines: dit da jow and yak jow. He now has his Kenpo students take a class in basic shiatsu, and be certified in CPR. Also, he has spent many years in police work and is active as a Law Enforcement Consultant and trainer.

At times outspoken, he is always willing to support events and causes he feels will bring the brotherhood closer, such as the Jeff Speakman International Kenpo Camp or the annual “Gathering of Eagles”, both held in Las Vegas.

Research notes:

  • Much of this bio was found on Joshua Meredith’s website, the Kenpo Net.
  • Picture and more inforamtion from
  • Several other sites were visited for factual verification.

Author’s note:
I just wish to thank Mr. LaBounty for his warm welcome to my correspondence with him. At times, I have to fight and generally pound my head against a brick wall to get any information from someone I contact. I do understand those reactions as many are distrustful, due to all the “mud slinging” that can be found out there. I am really appreciative when I receive the benefit of the doubt, to my inquiries.

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