Ralph Castro Bio

Ralph Castro is from Hawaii and started his first experience in martial arts in boxing under his father at a young age. He began training in Kenpo in the mid 1950’s under William Chow and was promoted to black belt by the same. Some time in the 1960’s, he moved to San Francisco, California and began teaching the Kenpo he had learned from Chow.

Over the years he had refined and developed his own system of Kenpo Karate adding more of a Kung Fu flavor to the system than what was originally imparted to him. The new system was eventual renamed to Shaolin Kenpo and is said to have been done so with his teacher’s blessings. Ralph Castro had also had some affiliations with Edmund Parker of a business and personal nature. It has been said that Mr. Castro did at one time receive the rank of 8th degree black belt by Ed Parker and he is also listed under Ed Parker’s family tree from 1982 (most likely a “like” rank given to him as this was common among those that where from the Chow lineage).

His achievements includes:

  • 1972, AAU vice-president
  • 1981, founded the International Shaolin Kenpo Association
  • 1982, entered in the Inside Kung Fu Yearbook.
  • 1985, his story was told in Official Karate and he was pictured on the cover.
  • 1987, featured on the cover of Karate Kung Fu
  • 1988, Black Belt Hall of Fame
  • 1989, entered in Black Belt Magazine’s yearbook.
  • He was also active within ATAMA since 1984, serving as the National Board’s Vice-President in 1985 and President in 1986-1988

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