Frank DeMaria Bio
by Zoran Sevic

Martial Arts History

Frank DeMaria began his training in the martial arts at the age of nine. Much of his training was in Kung Fu. He had many a teachers, most of which were Chinese.Mr. DeMaria has a rich history. I’d love to give you all I have found but I’m not writing a book. So here is some information of two of his instructors.

John McSweeney: Mr. DeMaria met Mr. McSweeney some time in the 1960’s, in New York. At the time Mr. DeMaria had over ten years of Shaolin Kung Fu experience. Besides learning Kenpo, he credits Mr. McSweeney with giving him insight and understanding into much of the knowledge he had gained in his Kung Fu training.

Ch’ang Tung Sheng: While Mr. DeMaria was in Taiwan for a fight between himself and a well known fighter, he met Ch’ang Tung Sheng. Mr. Sheng was impressed with his fighting abilities and said so. It wasn’t until his return visit to Taiwan, that they developed a close relationship. Mr. Sheng adopted him as his son (an oriental custom of great honor that is difficult to explain). Mr. Sheng was a Grand Master in Shuai Chiao. To be taken as his student is great honor by itself. This gave Mr. DeMaria a very rare opportunity to study under a man that was a legend in his own right. The relationship he had with Ch’ang Tung Sheng lasted to Mr. Sheng’s death in 1986.

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Grandmaster Frank DeMaria founded the ACCS (The American Center for Chinese Studies). The center is a traditional organization dedicated to the cultivation of the mind, body, and spirit. Its mission is to promote the traditions of China’s Henan Shao-lin Monastery, In 1995, the ACCS became the first officially appointed direct affiliate in North America.

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Mr. DeMaria Today:
Grandmaster Frank DeMaria is still actively teaching at his school. He has written more articles than I could list here, has taught at police academies, has appeared in several movies. He is constantly promoting the martial arts and striving for growth. As a true martial arts master should.

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