Chuck Sullivan Bio
by Zoran Sevic

Martial History
Mr. Chuck Sullivan began his training in the martial arts in 1959, under Edmund K. Parker. By 1962, he earned a 1st black from Mr. Parker. Mr. Sullivan was one of the few students that stayed with Mr. Parker during the first split that happened with Mr. Parker’s students.
His accomplishments include, first to put out a commercial Karate training video with Mr. Parker, Tournament Director of the second International Karate Championships in Long Beach, and co-owner of a pair of Kenpo studios with Mr. Parker. Also, he was one of twelve people to receive the rank of 7th Degree Black Belt in “Ed Parker’s American Kenpo”. He had achieved this in 1981. He continued his training with Mr. Parker, until Mr. Parker’s passing in 1990. On that same year, Mr. Sullivan founded the I.K.C.A. (International Karate Connection Association).

Used by permission of the author.