Mr. Joseph P. Doyle’s American Karate Academy - Mentor, Ohio

Ed Parker’s American Kenpo Karate has been internationally recognized as a professional martial art, an art which promotes integrity, pride, honor, discipline and confidence while teaching individuals how to protect themselves. Kenpo Karate is not just a sport, it is a way of life.

At Doyle’s American Karate Academy, students are developed to be their personal best. Classes are taught by trained instructors who have a sincere desire to help each student work toward the goal of Black Belt Excellence. Classes are separated by age and belt ranking so instructors can give individualized teaching within the classes.

Since people do not have the same physical capabilities, Kenpo Karate will assist students in developing strength, endurance, agility and explosiveness. Students will learn how to channel their new talents into a scientifically proven self defense system that will help them develop the self confidence needed to protect themselves, their family and their property.

Mr. Doyle, a sixth degree black belt, has over 25 years of martial art experience. Promoted to 3rd Black by the late Senior Grand Master Ed Parker, founder of American Kenpo Karate, Mr. Doyle has been a student of 10th degree Grand Master Richard “Huk” Planas for over 10 years. Mr. Doyle has worked as an instructor for security guards and police officers, and is a veteran in local, state and national karate tournaments. He has developed an organized training system which enables students to learn at an accelerated pace. Professor Doyle’s professional teaching methods has enabled his academy to be the largest and most sought after Parker Kenpo school in the state of Ohio.

For more information visit his Web site at, or call him at (440) 255-6697.

Unpaid testimonial by KenpoCoach:

When you first consider joining a martial art school, the No. 1 concern you should have is legitimacy. Anyone can go out and buy a karate uniform, wrap a black belt around his or her waist, rent a building, and hang out a sign that says they teach karate. So if you’re going to spend your valuable time and valuable money learning how to fight, or if you think you would like to open your own school one day and pass on your valuable and hard-won information to your students, you must be concerned with legitimacy. Are you going to learn from a true instructor of the art, or someone who is just selling you a membership in a glorified exercise class?

Legitimacy comes through the lineage of the instructor. Is the instructor well known in the martial arts industry? Who did the instructor learn from? Is that instructor well known? Can you find out something about your instructor and his instructor by checking them out on the Internet? If you have a hard time finding information on the lineage of the instructor you are considering using for your personal fight training, perhaps you should pass on that instructor.

These issues are non issues when you sign up with Mr. Doyle and attend his personal training sessions. Not only is there ample information on the net about Mr. Doyle and Grand Master Richard Planas, but here at KenpoTalk every instructor who is of importance in the world of Kenpo Karate will say little against either of them. Not only that, but many members of KenpoTalk take the time to train with these two men should they find themselves in a position to do so.

Isn’t that the kind of martial art legacy with which you want to be associated?

When you graduate as a black belt, your lineage will follow the legitimacy outlined above. When you train your students, you will be able to say you are trained as a Parker-Planas-Doyle - your name here American Kenpoist. Is this something of which you can be proud? Yes. You can claim legitimacy in your own right having completed your training with such esteemed trainers as Mr. Planas and Mr. Doyle.

That is what you want, isn’t it? To have legitimacy in your own right?

Your second consideration should be whether you will be taught a system of fighting, or whether you will actually be taught to fight. Many people go to a school and tell the owner or head instructor they want to learn how to fight, to learn how to defend themselves and their families. Many of these potential students are told they will be taught a fighting art called American Kenpo, and that by the time they become a black belt they will know how to fight.

Now, that sounds right, doesn’t it? But there is a problem. It is a false notion that simply because you know the system of American Kenpo, you will automatically know how to fight. This false sense of learning and training can be deadly to you if you are ever called upon to fight for your life for real. So your second consideration is to make sure your instructor does not feed you this line of bull. You need to learn the art of American Kenpo, but you also need an instructor who will teach you how to apply the art in real fighting situations.

Will your instructor become your personal trainer, and, using Kenpo as a fighting system, show you legitimately how to use the art in actual fighting situations? Will you be in a building that has room enough for sparring? Does the school have the proper equipment to fight train? Is the instructor qualified to teach not only street fighting but also tournament fighting? Mr. Doyle’s school not only has plenty of room in which to train, but he also has all of the right equipment with which to train. Best of all, Mr. Doyle as well as his staff, is well qualified to lead you in all of these endeavors. When you finish at Professor Doyle’s American Karate Academy, you will have obtained the information you were seeking.

Aren’t those the kind of fight skills you want?

The third consideration is longevity. To become a well-qualified American Kenpo fighter means the student will need to spend four to five years in training . This includes the time it takes to learn the American Kenpo system, and the time it takes to become a seasoned fighter. If you join a school that just opened its doors in some strip mall shopping center, how can you be sure that school will be still around in the requisite amount of time it will take you to complete your training? Mr. Doyle’s Academy has been around a long time. He has his own stand-alone, brick-and-mortar building with his own private parking lot. He has been in his location for over 25 years as of this writing, and has been training with Mr. Planas for over 10 years in that same location. Hanging on his walls are symbolic black belts with the names of many graduated black belts embroidered in red script. If ever there is an instructor who can take you all the way to your goal as a black-belted American Kenpo instructor, Mr. Doyle is it.

Isn’t this the kind of instructor you’re looking for?

The fourth consideration when choosing an instructor is whether the opportunity to train with your instructor’s instructor is available. It is a wonderful thing to train with someone as knowledgeable and as caring as Mr. Doyle. But since you are learning the fighting art of American Kenpo, wouldn’t it be even better if you can train directly with one of the founding fathers of the Parker American Kenpo system, and do so at the same place as you take your regular training? Mr. Doyle pays for his instructor to come to his studio for four training seminars a year, and shares his instructor with all of his students. Unlike some schools where the linage master of the system teaches a class one thing, then teaches the school owner or head instructor something else behind closed doors, during Mr. Planas’ seminars, Mr. Doyle is on the floor learning the same information as his students.

Professor Doyle does not “hide his secrets” from the student body. If it is taught to him, it will be taught to you. Isn’t this the level of service you would want from a martial art academy?

What else is left to say? Perhaps it would be good to remind you that Grand Master Richard “Huk” Planas is a well known and highly sought after instructor of American Kenpo, and that Mr. Planas is available for you to speak to virtually any time, night or day. All you have to do is send him an e-mail at and he can tell you personally what he thinks of Mr. Doyle and his training facilities.

I don’t think you can get a better assurance that your karate training is a real value for your money than to talk directly with one of the founders of the most sought-after martial art within the martial art community, Grand Master Richard “Huk“ Planas. Don’t you agree?

If you are looking to train with a qualified instructor who teaches an authentic and time-proven martial art in a well-equipped training facility, for a reasonable price then you have found the right place. It’s time to stop looking.

Now it’s time to give Mr. Doyle a call at (440) 255-6697 to make arrangements for developing your skills as an American Kenpo black belt instructor in your own right.

You’ll be glad you did.


Posted on 2/17/2009