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Thread: Kenpo Karate Training - Lexington, Ohio

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    Default Kenpo Karate Training - Lexington, Ohio

    Located at the Spirit of Ohio Sports Academy
    235 Lexington-Industrial Dr.
    Lexington, OH 44904

    Teaching Ed Parker's Kenpo through the Planas lineage.
    All classes taught by 4th Degree BB, Jason Farnsworth.

    Classes are monday & wednesday evening. Kid's classes are 5:30-6. 6-6:30. Adult classes are from 6:30-8.

    On the first thursday of the month, there is an open class for all kenpoist to join in with us. Past students, current students, future students are welcome to come join us. Regardless of kenpo style, rank, or affiliation. We get on the mat & train.

    New class just added.
    Every monday night from 8-9, I have added a sparring & fitness class. This class focuses on sparring, sparring concepts, kicks, kicking drills, & combinations. We bring in the fitness for those looking to lose weight, get fit, or just stay active.
    You are not here to win friends. You are not here to look pretty. You are not here to stare at some chick's @ss. You know why you're here. And if you don't, then get the **** out because you're just taking up space......So SHUT up and TRAIN - Flex Mag.

    `If you wish to get ahold of me please contact me at

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    Default Re: Kenpo Karate Training - Lexington, Ohio

    Good luck Jason.

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