The Steiner Academy teaches self-defense martial arts based on Shaolin Kempo and Jujitsu. We offer classes for students ages 3 and up.

We are located at 3908 N 138th Street, Omaha Nebraska and our phone number is 402-493-4733.

Sensei Shawn Steiner has been teaching Shaolin Kempo for 10 years and is currently ranked 5th degree in SKK, and also has teaching certifications in Kyusho Jitsu (www.kyusho.com); Shinkendo, a Japanese Sword Art (http://www.samuraiartsomaha.com/shinkendo); and Defensive Tactics (http://www.forceoptionsusa.com/).

We offer montlhy classes in Kyusho Jitsu that are open to Martial Arts students of any school. Contact Sensei Steiner at steiner@steinerama.com for details.

We periodically offer Rape Prevention classes and child safety classes, contact Sensei Steiner for schedule and details on those classes as well.

Also we have a weekly Yoga class taught by Melanie Osborn, http://www.balancematters.net and info@balancematters.net