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Thread: Five Animal Kenpo 'Long Juan Feng', Ng Ying Kungfu Apeldoorn

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    Default Five Animal Kenpo 'Long Juan Feng', Ng Ying Kungfu Apeldoorn

    Five Animal Kempo and Ng Ying Kungfu 'Apeldoorn'

    Under the direction of sifu Patrick van Steen aka 'Long Feng' the Dutch school for 5 Animal Kenpo and Ng Ying Kungfu is established in 2016. The name of the school is 'Long Juan Feng Kwoon'. The school has dedicated itself to perpetuating 5 Animal Kenpo Kungfu and Ng Ying Kungfu. Master Patrick van Steen holds a 4th degree black belt in Ng Ying kenpo martial arts. The school is located in Apeldoorn city and teaches classes to youth and adults. The system has the 5 animals: tiger, leopard, crane, snake, dragon as the main focus points.

    The dutch site of Ng Ying Kenpo and Kungfu martial arts Apeldoorn:

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    Default Re: Five Animal Kenpo 'Long Juan Feng', Ng Ying Kungfu Apeldoorn

    I think it's pretty cool that for the first five belt levels, there is one animal each. (As you shared in your introductory thread.)

    Is there any clear link to Shaolin animal styles (beyond the names)?

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