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    Default Pahrump, NV

    Has anyone heard of a school in Pahrump, NV called Dragon Cloud Dojo? I can't get to their website so I don't know if they closed or what. Anyway, I'm looking for a school in the area. We have two or three Cha-3 schools and this is pretty exciting. One of them teaches Cha-3 Kenpo as well as Kajukenbo and their prices are super affordable. And this is something that all parents look out for especially when they are trying to find a school that will work for the whole family. Anyway, have I missed any? I am trying to steer clear of Tracy and Parker schools. I won't get into politics but I'll just say these are schools I'd rather avoid. Are there any that I've missed in the vegas area? Keep in mind that I'm about eight to ten miles to the California border. Alas, there are no martial arts in California that are close to the border so this means i would need to travel more than 60 miles a day for martial arts if the Dragon Cloud Dojo is closed or is a school that I'm told to avoid by someone on this forum. Also, I'm ok with going slightly North of Pahrump but no more than an hour. It's basically and hour for me to get to vegas so an hour in the opposite direction going toward Reno is ok. Suggestions?

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    Default Re: Pahrump, NV

    What's the name of the Kaju school?

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