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Thread: Crossed Twigs Power Principle

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    Default Crossed Twigs Power Principle

    Opinions, please, regarding the first move of Crossed Twigs. What power principle(s) are at play as you grasp your opponent's wrists and step forward, pulling opponent forward with you?

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    Default Re: Crossed Twigs Power Principle

    I believe that on the initial move in Crossed Twigs 2 of the 3 power principles are employed. The initial regrab on the wrists involves torque on a small scale delivered by the wrist joint. The second principle employed is Back-up Mass when you move forward with your whole body disrupting your opponents centre of gravity. Look forward to other thoughts on this topic.

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    Default Re: Crossed Twigs Power Principle

    Purposeful defiance. You are setting up your torque for the 2nd move. I know that's not really a power principle or what you were looking for but that's what you are doing.
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    Default Re: Crossed Twigs Power Principle

    Of the power principles, Back Up Mass and Marriage of Gravity primarily. You step and drop height and it's the weight of your body by doing that stance transition that is allowing you to move and offset the other person's posture. "You" shouldn't be pulling the person into your second movement, your weight and height change should be doing that for you if it makes any sense. For those familiar with the Japanese grappling arts and their terminology it's simply an application of kuzushi.
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