Chinese Karate Federation (C.K.F.)

Under the direction of President Sean P. Kelley, the CKF today is composed of a wide range of instructors, master instructors, school owners and students. The organization has rededicated itself to perpetuating Mr. Parker's Art, and to forming alliances with many of the foremost Parker kenpoists of today. The CKF provides its members with opportunities to train with a number of Mr. Parker's First Generation Black Belts, including Grandmaster Michael Robert Pick, Grandmaster Dave Hebler, and Grandmaster Frank Trejo, as well as Ed Parker, Jr.

In the tradition of Grandmaster Ed Parker, the CKF offers a wealth of martial arts information from a wide range of disciplines through extensive networking with many of the top martial artists of our day, including the legendary Bill "Superfoot" Wallace and Joe Lewis. This rich martial art context from "the best of the best" in American martial arts, expands and enhances the knowledge base of all serious Parker American Kenpo students.