American Chinese Kenpo Karate System (A.C.K.K.S.)

American Chinese Kenpo Karate is the creation of Grandmaster George Elmer of New Jersey. The American Chinese Kenpo Karate System [A.C.K.K.S.] is a unique conglomeration of Ed Parker's American Kenpo Karate, The Tracy Brothers' Chinese Kenpo Karate, and the unique innovations and elaborations of Mr. Elmer in regards to basics, techniques, sets & forms, and weaponry. Techniques are "the words of motion" that combine various basic movements into a series of actions that culminate in an effective defense against a given attack. In Kenpo we catagorize the attacks as Grab, Tackle, Push, Punch, Kick, Hold, Hug, Lock, Choke, Weapons [club, knife, gun] as well as multiple attacks and or multiple attackers. There are names for all the techniques in ACKKS, based originally on the names for various techniques and actions from the numerous Chinese Kung Fu systems. In ACKKS, we us two formats to assist the students in remembering the numerous techniques in ACKKS. First of all, there are certain Kenpo "code words" that are used to describe attacks, targets, and or "salient features" of a given technique. ACKKS uses elements of Mr. Parker's "synonyms" and Technique names ["Delayed Sword"] in certain instances, and the names of certain Tracy Kenpo techniques ["Breaking the Cross"] in others, as well as the unique terminology and names that Mr. Elmer has designed for his own system ["Crossing the Blades"].