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Thread: Deep South Kenpo Evolution (DSKE)

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    Default Deep South Kenpo Evolution (DSKE)

    Deep South Kenpo Evolution is an organization/formal fellowship of Kenpoists (based in the southeast United States) dedicated to both evolving and spreading practical American Kenpo Karate. Rather than an association consisting of leaders and followers, we choose to stand as a group of *contributors*, pushing each other towards higher levels of excellence and progress. DSKE was founded by three Kenpoists (longtime friends and training partners with over fifty years of training experience between them) who wanted to step away from the rigidity of associations and political structures and grow a network of American Kenpo fellowship and support for the southeast United States.

    Our brands of American Kenpo are an eclectic interpretation of the practical evolution of Parker's American Kenpo system, utilizing the principles and Master Keys inherent within the art - as well as innovative ideas and methods gleaned from several strong lineages. Our schools are not required to follow any one concrete curriculum, but rather to develop a comprehensive program based on that school's individual needs - the only two requirements are to provide realistic training and to actively perpetuate the evolution of American Kenpo - this includes expanding Kenpo's use of the knife, the club, and ground-fighting.

    For more information and updates, please visit our temporary page at:

    "But it ain't about how hard you hit, it's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward... How much you can take and keep moving forward - that's how winning is done!"

    Jay "Dirty Irish" Creel
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