Buckling Branch
(Front left step through strait kick)

1. While standing naturally with both feet together, step back with your rightfoot toward 4:30 into a left neutral bow. Simultaneously block your opponent'sleft kick (from the outside) with a right open hand check and a left downwardblock as your right hand (clenched and palm up) cocks to your right hip andemploying the principle of opposing forces. Instantly recoil your left handcounterclockwise into a vertical position as a positional check. (Your intentis to gener*ate pain to your opponent's left leg, as well as to increase thewidth of your deflection.)
2. With your opponent's back turning toward you, and employing the principle ofopposing forces, deliver a right front snap ball kick to your opponent's groin(entering from the rear). (This should make your opponent bend over at thewaist. Both you and your opponent should be facing 10:30.)
3. Plant your right foot forward (again toward 10:30) into a right front twiststance (modifying it if necessary), and deliver a left knife-edge kick to theinside and back of your opponent's right knee (keeping both of your hands openand in a defensive position). (This kick should buckle your opponent to hisknees.)

4. Have your left kick flow into a left front crossover, covering out toward4:30.