Defense from the closed guard

With your opponent in your closed guard, your legs locked at the ankles overhis back and hands keeping his head down to your stomach he posts both legsready to push up. As he posts both his legs to raise up and commits to begin topunch you open your guard, slide down his legs hooking them around the back,keeping contact in front and grab around the back of his ankles and pull themin tight. As you finish sliding down to the front of the knees and grabbing theankles, favoring the left, immediately pull the legs toward you and utilizingopposing forces with the back of your legs force your opponent on to his back.

Continue pulling his left leg to you as you and cradle it under your left armpit, simultaneously execute an outside in circle with your left leg and heelstomp your opponent’s groin. Without hesitation torque onto your left hip andwith this action execute a right thrusting side kick to your opponent’s face orchest driving him back.

As he falls back manipulate your left leg, knee first, under your opponent’sright leg with the assist of your right hand if necessary, once complete with afull body torque turn to your right hip, utilizing the closing door principleto bring his right leg across both your bodies and squeeze your legs together totrap that leg. Remain on your right elbow and keeping your left knee bent toassist in keeping your opponent’s right leg bent continue to control his rightfoot under your left arm pit.

Place your right foot inside the left leg of your opponent and push away fromyou to brace and cancel your opponent’s width zone. Maintaining the bend inyour opponent’s right leg and during the previous action loosen your left armto expose the ankle while keeping the toes trapped. Keeping the ankle in theinside of your left bent elbow and clasp your hands and twist to your rightbreaking the ankle. Release the leg and with both your feet now behind youropponent’s legs, push them away and shoulder roll out to your left. Cover out.