Gripping Leaves:
(Frontbody lock takedown - arms free)

1. As your opponent's body lock is successful and goes to the ground,
lock your opponent in a closed guard hugging his/her head to your
chest. As your opponent places his hands on you or on the ground to push
himself up, maintain your guard high and tight canceling your opponent's
height and bringing him to your body. Make outside-in circles with
your hands collapsing your opponent's elbows bringing his head towards
your head. Drive your left thumb into the soft tissue area under his jaw
bone with your palm heel pushing his chin to hold his teeth closed.
Wrap your fingers inside his bottom lip, tightening your grip and driving
your fingernails deep into the gums of your opponent's lower mandible
outside his teeth while maintaining control of your opponent's left arm
with your right arm.

2. As your opponent uses his right hand to remove your left hand, slip
your left hand over his right tricep and under his arm, locking and
pinning the arm to your body. Unlock your legs from behind your
opponent's back. Position your right foot on top of your oopponent's left hip
to create the opportunity for an outside-in circle ending with your
instep inside his left thigh, with the arch of your foot tight against his
groin while you wrap your left leg outside and around his right leg.
Roll to your left as you elevate your opponent's hips and sweep his
right leg.

3. While maintaining close body contact, use your left hand to cup your
opponent's mouth and nose to restrict his breathing. As he attempts
to remove your hand, sit up and deliver a right punch followed by a
right inward collapsing elbow to your opponent's face as you drop your body
weight behind both strikes utilizing the principal of directional

4. Drive your right forearm into your opponent's throat. Use this
leverage to explode off your opponent and deliver a right thrusting knee
into opponent's solar plexus. Adjust your left foot to execute a right
inward scraping kick across your opponent's face as you step toward
4:30. Cross out to a right crane stance.