Obstructing the Storm:Front right step through overhead club

1. With your feet together, have your left foot step slightly forward and to your left on a 45-degree angle (first moving toward 10:30 but ending facing 1:30 in a horse stance). Simultaneously cross your right wrist over your left wrist (upward cross block) to block your opponent's attacking hand at his right wrist at a level above your head and off of your right shoulder (this is to catch your opponent's right arm while getting out of Line of Attack).

2. Grab your opponent's right wrist with your right hand as your left foot steps forward to 1:30 (cat in and around his right leg if necessary) into a left neutral bow. simultaneously strike your opponent's right elbow with your left forearm by first thrusting vertically and then rolling it horizontally forcing your opponent's right arm down while your right hand pulls in, donw, and past your right hip (this action should force your attacker's head down with the possibility of having it strike your left knee).

3. Immediately grab the back of your opponent's head with your left hand and guide it into a right snapping knee strike to your opponent's head or chest. This is done without raising your body (this action should drive your opponent away).

4. Re-plant your right foot to its point of origin into a left neutral bow (facing 1:30).

5. Left front cross-over and cover out toward 4:30.