Swinging Pendulum:
(Front right roundhouse kick)

1. Standing in a right neutral bow, slide your left foot counterclockwisetoward 4:30 and deliver a right inward block simultaneously with a leftdownward block (universal block) against the inside of your opponent's rightkicking leg. (preferably the block should occur at the knee, as this will openthe width zones on your opponent's body.)

2. Shuffle (push-drag) forward toward 10:30, while remaining in a right neutralbow, and simultaneously convert your right inward block into a right downwardhammer fist strike to your opponent's groin, as your left hand checks high nearhis chest. (This will force your opponent to bend forward at the waist.)

3. Again shift your left foot counterclockwise toward 3:00 into a horse stance(facing 4:30) as you CONTOUR up your opponent's chest with a right snappingobscure elbow strike to his chin, and your left hand continues to check high.(This will snap your opponent's head up.) Cover out toward 1:30.