September 2019 TOM - Five Swords
(Defense against a right hooking punch. (Or a left jab, right cross))

1. Starting in a right neutral bow, shuffle back with a push drag shuffle towards 6:30 while executing a left inward parry to the inside of the left punch. As you settle into your right neutral bow, execute a right extended outward block to the inside of the left punch. (palm facing to the left)...with your left hand stopping in a positional check directly in front of the line of entry of your opponent's right cross. As your opponent fires the right cross, execute a right inward block to the inside of the right arm.

2. Right outward hand sword to side of attacker’s neck, followed by a left heel palm to attacker’s face as you turn into a right forward bow.

3. Right uppercut to solar plexus (or vertical punch to groin) while moving back into a right neutral bow and moving left hand to sword position on your chest.

4. Step back to 4:30 with your left foot into a right forward bow while doing a quick left outward hand Sword to side of attacker’s neck. Your right hand should pull back to prepare for the next strike.

5. Unwind from your right forward bow to a right neutral bow and utilizing this rotational torque, execute a powerful right inward handsword strike to the left side of your opponent's neck.

6. As your opponent begins to fall forward fro the preceding strikes, lift him back up with a left raising heel palm strike to the under-side of the chin.

7. The preceding handsword strike to the neck flashes through and rebounds off your left upper rib cage; and taking advantage of the left lifting heel palm, execute a right outward handsword strike to the front of the throat.

8. Pivot to your left into a left reverse cat stance and execute a right lifting heel kick to the groin and immediately replace your foot on the ground in the original point of origin while your left hand checks over the right side of your face and cover out.