Collapsing Wedge
(Frontattempted body lock - arms free)

1.As your opponent shoots in and past your checks and wraps his arms around yourback, hip out and step back to 6:00 with your right leg to a left neutral bowas you snake your rignt hand between your opponent's chest and your own chest.When you right hand descends below your opponent's arm, make an outside incircle grabbing and trapping his arm above the elbow. Your left arm snakesunder your opponent's chin making an inside out circle around his neck drivingyour forearm into your opponent's neck. As your arms lock into position, stepback with your right foot to 4:30 into a left forward bow to further brace youraction.

2. Wrap your left hand around the back of your opponent's neck grasping theback of his head. Immediately drag your right foot to your left foot andexecute a left knee strike while you pull your opponent's face into the strikeand remain in control of his height zone by keeping your left hand in place.

3. Step down with your left foot as you snake your right hand, making an insideout circle underneath his left arm cupping your opponent's left shoulder intoyour palm. Step back with your right foot toward 6:00 into a left neutral bow.As you slide your left hand around the back of your opponent's neck andunderneath his chin (maintain contact as you snake your left hand around youropponent's throat to control his height zone). Your left hand comes underneathgrabbing your right wrist to execute a Kenpo Guillotine.

4. When this process is finished to your satisfaction, release and cover outtoward 6:00.